On your behalf we endeavour:

• to develop each child to their fullest potential in all areas of development:
• to promote socialisation amongst peers.
• to provide a safe, secure and hygienic environment for children to explore freely.
• to ensure each child will be respected as an individual.
• to develop the overall programme based on the child's needs, strengths and interests.
• to equip your child for starting their school experience through our 'ReadyStart' school readiness curriculum
• to encourage your child to independently problem-solve
• to teach our children through 'play' situations. Play is a preschooler's work.
• to teach Christian values, especially with regard to acceptance, care of others, respect and love.
• to support parents and families in the growth of happy, confident children and in their child-rearing role.
• to offer support and advice to families in crisis situations through referral to appropriate professional agencies available.
• to lay good foundations for future growth of each child. Early childhood is a time for planting.

For enquiries or enrolment, please call

02 4365 6160 or email admin@erinabaptistpreschool.com.au