Settling in to Preschool

This is as individual as your child.

Be positive!! Prepare your child for Preschool before they come by discussing what they will do there, the teachers' names, what they will need to bring, who else they may know . . .

In the early days, you are welcome, indeed encouraged, to stay with your child for a short time until he/she becomes familiar with the centre, staff and surroundings. Use this time to find their locker, explain where things go, show them the toilets, etc., then find an activity together and encourage your child to take part. When you feel that your child is comfortable, signal to a staff member that you are ready to leave promptly. Also remember to say goodbye and tell your child that you will be back. In no time at all your child will begin to enjoy the day.

If you are worried -- call us. Be assured that if we are worried -- we will call you!!

Your child should be dressed in simple, comfortable play clothes, with something they can take on or off when the weather changes. A spare change of clothes would be helpful in case of a little accident or a 'wet' activity. Please label each item of clothing.

No slip-on shoes as they are not suitable for play, especially climbing and running.

We have a hot luncheon meal available which is completely optional. About 70% of our children use this service. It is required, however, that 2-week's notice of entry, change and cancellation is provided. Your child should bring a piece of fruit for Morning Tea, which is cut by our staff and combined into a big party plate. Afternoon Tea (beyond 3.30pm) is fruit, cheese and crackers. This activity assists in developing independence and in preparation for school life.

Sun Protection -- In accordance with our 'SunSmart Policy' your child must bring a broad-brimmed or legionnaires-type hat (labelled) to Preschool to be worn outdoors. It is also recommended that you apply 30+ sunscreen before the child comes to preschool.

Record of Immunisation -- We abide by the NSW Immunisation requirements for school entry from the Guidelines for Control of Infectious Diseases in Childcare, and documentation of your child's immunisation record will be required at the time of enrolment.

For Inquiries or Enrolment Details Contact

02 4365 6160